Create a Website… say WHAT?

Assignment 3, where to begin?  Firstly I know I need to go and read the billion forum posts about Assignment 3.  Before that though, I need to read the assignment task sheet, then the butterflies will come, move onto the forum posts and I the panic will set in, and then comes the anxiety when I actually begin working on it.


Lucky for us the internet can help solve (sometimes make worse) our problems.  There are so many helpful sites out there ‘free website builder’, create your own ‘free’ website… blah de blah… yet probably 80% of the time they want your credit card details… just in case??? I am sorry… it said free right?

I am thinking (for now) I am going to go with this website company… , pretty much because on the page that pops up it says… Create your own BEAUTIFUL website… and I like the colours they have used on the opening page…. first impressions are everything and to me…. I like the look of this one.

My 12 old son suggest Go Daddy… I personally don’t like the look of this one.  Its not as friendly.

I judge nearly every website I go on, by the looks, the color, the font they use, how many images, if it is appealing.  May sound silly…. but like I said before… first impressions are everything.  Especially when you are reading it!  People I think are very different.  First impressions can change, especially when you get to know them, a share experiences with them.  I like it when your first impression changes for the better no the worse…

Kind of like this subject… first impression…. oh my gosh so scary… and then once you get into it not so bad!  Keeping on top of the work is a good thing, but annoying…. but good.  I like the blog post accountability for the assignment, having to engage with other students and posting links etc.

Enough about that, now it is time to go and create my ‘Beautiful Website’.


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