Week One

Wow, what a load of work to do, read, follow and complete.  Far out Brussel sprout.  I had no idea I would be spending so much time on my laptop while trying to study EDC3100.. ICT and Pedagogy.  Ironic?


I have really enjoyed the weeks readings on the book thing online.  I can not remember the name of the books, was it a moodle?  My poor 31 yr old brain is so frazzled.

I enjoyed the historical example of the monk at the help desk.. I can relate to that, pretty much every semester since enrolling as a distance ed student.  I have learnt before I call the IT help desk, to ensure I have my laptop on and ready so they can instruct me.  I always feel like such a gumby when I am on the phone to a computer whizz…. when they ask me questions about the screen, what icons can you see.  I feel so sorry for the person on the other end, they need a cold stiff beverage by the time they finish explaining what I have done wrong, and then they have to rectify my problem?? Good luck to them I say!


How would I cope a day without ICT?  I actually would love to take the challenge.  I left my iPhone at home a few weeks back and I felt naked.  I literally didn’t know what to do while sitting on the toilet, or waiting in line.  I just stood there looking around at everyone else on their phone’s thinking….. I wonder who has txt me, I hope no one has tagged me in a fb post and I need to respond asap!


I love not having the TV on, distraction from the afternoon tasks of homework for the kids, and why would I want the TV on, the fighting would just be louder and I wouldn’t be able to hear it!

I love my music that plays from the ipad to my stereo.  I would have a break down if I lost this.  I would literally be rocking like a baby in the corner.   I need the soft music in the background to function.

On my last prac I had five 7-9 yr olds, we only used an interactive whiteboard for reading the big book every morning.  Student the did reading eggs, one at a time at the desktop computer (which mind you was old… a big black box and it made a funny humming sound).  Then in the afternoons if they had ‘free’ time they could do games, like fraction maths on the interactive whiteboard and the right before the bell would go, they had a routine of packing their bags to redfoo’s song lets get ridiculous.  Was interesting watching, as one student in particular would just zone out and be staring at the screen for the duration of the song… deer in the headlights almost!

So …. before the ICTs rapidly change and I can no longer work out how to use my computer without finding the helpdesk I shall complete this blog post here.

Peace out 🙂