ICT in my reality

Today is Wednesday the 1st of March. I am a leader at my churches playtime, and this morning I noticed how we don’t incorporate ICT in our 2 hour session.

We have the normal kiddy stuff….. playdoh, bikes, care, balls, play forte, swings, craft table and sensory table.   We don’t use a CD player for music, or a television for shows.  We use a parachute for interactive play and all the little ones love it.  We sing songs as a group (well us adults sing and the little ones just stare at us…. probably wondering what sounds so terrible!) haha! I know playtime is very different to school and inside th classroom. But I can’t help but wonder?? If I set up a table with iPads would the 1-4 yr olds know what to do with it?

I think the answer to my question is a big phat YES! My almost 11 month old knows exactly what FaceTime is…… he knows there is a person on the screen talking to him, probably wondering how did daddy get in the small rectangle thing?

So after my discovery this morning at playtime and our ancient ways of entertaining the kids (no ICTs) I can’t help but wonder…. should we be changing and including it in our program?