Professional Experience Meet & Greet

Today I had the pleasure of meeting my professional experience mentor and the four beautiful little students in her class.  3 boys and 1 girl and i have prep for the very first time.  I am very excited about this!  And honestly…. I am terrified also…. 🙂

I had time to ask a few questions as she had already read through the professional experience booklet USQ sent her, and which I handed her all the important sections …. EDC3100 page, interim report page, and the end section for my portfolio.  So now she has a hard copy and an online copy (thank you ICTs!)

I shall call my Teacher Miss A (not sure if she is married or not, I didn’t see a ring…)  she mentioned to me she is looking forward to showing me how they integrate ICTs into the daily teaching…. as the students love it and get really engaged!  I am pleased to hear this as I am not confident in my research skills, knowledge or application for technology where teaching is concerned!  I am so happy she is going to share!!


So I thought I would share a little something I have found…. it is called Teacher Tube… I have found a few awesome little videos so I wanted to share the site. Hopefully you can just click the link and it will open 🙂


There are teaching videos about all sorts of subjects and demonstrations.  There is a search section which you can type into and hopefully they will have what you are looking for 🙂


I hope everyone was successful with their on time admission for assignment 2…. I am pleased to have it done.  I am enjoying a week and a bit off doing assignment work and then back into it and hopefully have it all but done before prac starts!  All the best to everyone working through the material and word press posts for assignment 3.


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  1. leah77blog says:

    I just visited teacher tube. Very informative and I feel it will be another tool to add to my teaching tool bag. I met with my mentor teacher a few weeks ago and am both excited and nervous. It is like being the new student at school. I have a composite class of 3-6 and all the students start working with technology in prep. I imagine many of them will be able to teach me a thing or two. Best of luck.


  2. Hi Leah, how is your prac going? That would of been so interesting with a composite class. I have 5 prep students 4 boys and 1 girl and for the most part they are a delight, special education, they are wonderful yet challenging also.


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