Assignment 2 submission = done!

The only word I can think to explain assignment 2….wow!  What a task.  I am sure everyone will agree with me on that!  I find it so amazing how we can spend so much time on one task, and still be unsure if what we have done is correct!  I was very unsure of my work when hit submit…. and then I felt a rush of calm once it had all gone through.  I remember thinking, oh well… it is done now.  I can’t take it back!


The same goes or posts we put on fb, insagram, twitter… any social medial or text message.  Once you hit send it is gone into cyber space.  I realise we can now delete and edit our comments on most social media sites, however anyone can read it before we edit or even delete.  I am so thankful social media wasn’t around when I was in high school.  I can only begin to imagine all the stupid things I would regret now.  And for that reason alone my children are not having fb until they are like 18! (if they listen…)

I found this article   and it talks bout how modern teens are learning to do most of their communication by looking at a screen, not at another person’s face…. SO TRUE!  It also goes on to say that teens are missing out on very critical social skills.  Also so true!

My 12 year old son has a mobile phone as he has to ride to his bus stop, catch the bus to his school which is 20mins away and then home again.  The phone is purely for being able to contact us, and us to him.  He however sometimes ties to use it for everything…. homework, music (which is fine), texting his mates facetime audio calls to friends who have no phone etc… so I am finding even though we are strict with his usage.. it would be so easy to fall in the trap of… yea use your phone to do what ever…. txt instead of talking to your friends, no you don’t need to invite them over to sleep over and hang out, just facetime them….

I think technology makes us L A Z Y!!! everything is at our finger tips, there is an app for everything! Including friendship! you can make them into ‘groups’… !

Unfortunately or myself, I am an online student … so I am unable to form relationships at uni while studying or attending classes, I am however able to be a part of the online community and it is amazing!  I would personally prefer the face to face 🙂




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  1. leah77blog says:

    This is so true. It is a scary world out there and we are all just struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in technology. Yes it is wonderful that our children/students can actively participate in so many different things but at what detriment and is it necessary. I often feel life was so much simpler with less.

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  2. Hi Leah, yes so true. Less is way more simple., Except i fear if we do that now with our students and ourselves we would be left behind!


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