Signing off on blogging for EDC3100

Well the end is near for this semester and I am so relieved.  I am exhausted from blogging, researching, following fellow students, blogging on their blogs and the rest of it!  Professional experience is a whole experience in itself which I have been blessed with a lovely little class of 5 and an amazing mentor.  She has opened my eyes to teaching in a whole new light, different perspectives on many things but most importantly how I can be the best possible teacher for my class.


She has shown me how to use many ICT activities in class, choose it maker, how to find and research stuff on the interactive whiteboard, how to integrate ICTs into a lesson, even when the students are at a level yet of understanding.  They love to watch the screen and I have experienced the joy of seeing them interact with music and games.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this course as it has been a challenge.  I have made many new friends on the blogging side and on the facebook groups also.  I am so thankful for the forums on uconnect and for the support from Vicki.  I am happy to be blogging for the last time.  All the best to my fellow students for the remainder of your studies.

-Christy x


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