The Honest Power of Youtube

Hi again, another amusing blog I have found this evening, a fellow EDC3100 posting about how she uses YouTube, if we were all so honest 🙂

Jacqui shares on her page the uses she has had for YouTube this past week.

To continue on from Jacqui’s post I wanted to share what I have used YouTube for,

So my list is not just for the past week, as I haven’t really done much except assignments, and uni work. So no real need for YouTube, I do however have a 5year old daughter who LOVES YouTube for weird and wonderful videos. So I am going to look up my history and see what she has watch the last 10 times….

1- Horrid Henry – Here to Entertain You

2- Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – Compilation new 2017

3- Mr Bean Cartoon Full Episodes

4- The Boss baby vs The Smurfs ( seriously what the??)

5- Play Doh Dentist Doctor Drill

6- PJ Masks Learning Colours (finally something a little educational)

7- Mr Bean Funny Serious, best cartoons ever

8- Mission Paw- Quest for the crown part 2 – Paw Patrol

9- Numberjacks episode compilation

10- Dreamworks Trolls movie toy suprise.


There you have it, the last ten YouTube videos a 5year old has watched 🙂

I mainly use YouTube for music, maths problems hahaha!! (serious) and anything else that is needed 🙂


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