Professional Experience

Well it is the night before Prac starts and I am in two minds.  I am excited it is finally here, and then I am feeling very nervous and anxious for a variety of reasons.

So here it goes, my previous placement I had a mentor who had never had a prac student before.  She was amazing, a knowledge of teaching, happy to answer all my questions and pass on resources at my disposal via email. However, I did not plan or teach one single lesson.  I was allowed to ‘assist’ and monitor students while she did the teaching.  I am not sure if she thought I wasn’t capable, or if she was just a control freak?  So in my second week I politely asked if I would be able to take the class for an activity to which i was able!  I took the guided reading groups for the next 2 weeks, and when I asked about another lesson I didn’t get a response.

My liason officer came for their visit and my mentor said how amazing I was, so helpful, and hands on etc.  Doing such a great job. I was gobsmacked!  Thinking …. hang on a second are you talking about me?  So…. it wasn’t my best experience with teaching… I ended up making up my own lesson plans for things that she taught, but tweaked them to how I would do it.  Other wise I came home every night and did nothing!  It was very frustrating!  Anyway… So I received an email from my mentor today for this placement.

She has outlined for everyday over the entire 3 weeks, the possible times I will be able to teach, depending on the day and how the students are coping.  I have placement in prep 5 students in a special education setting.  I am looking forward to the learning, as she is amazing.  I have spent 2 hours in the class just watching and interacting with the students.  I am hoping this placement brings me a better experience than my previous one.

I am sharing with you a fellow edc3100 students blog post, I found it interesting that her prac mentors pretty much said they didn’t want a student teacher, and that the class is horrible…. I am hoping this student has a wonderful prac and can make some nice connections with the students and perhaps even encourage the teachers!


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