Assessment Peer / Self

I was reading a fellow EDC3100’s blog and wanted to share a link on my own.

Kim writes about how she feels more comfortable gauging her learning herself, rather than being criticized or constantly monitored by someone else.  This got me thinking about my own self, and how I would want someone to assess me???

I am all for positive and negative feedback, but I am unsure how I would handle someone scrutinizing and watching me, working from a check list, ticks and flicks, crosses and highlighted sections.  I think I would be more comfortable with peer assessment, someone on my own level guiding and talking to me as they assess what I am doing.  I would hate to think, by assessing students I am making them feel uncomfortable, or out of character because I am standing/sitting with my clip board and rubric ticking and flicking as they work through/do the assessment.

Kims post really made me question my own ideas and how I feel about assessment, thanks Kim for sharing!


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