Mid Semester Break.. or is it?

Mid semester uni break…….. or is it?   I love a good mid semester break….. especially when I have assignments to work on.  No sarcasm intended here….. I actually love working on my assignments when there is no weekly work to do.  I, like many of my fellow students seem to work better when there is more work to cover.  I seem to get easily distracted when I have less on.


ICTs can be one of those distractions….. like the UNI site and library always seem to be slow.  Yet YOUTUBE and facebook always seem to be at lightning speed 🙂 …. This is one of the downsides to online study.  Constant distractions, and available interruption every time we log on, start up and look at the computer.


Sometimes I can ignore the distractions and other times I can hear them calling me.  And these are just the ICT distractions….. I have a hole bunch of other distractions including…. 4 children (3 of which who could talk under water..) one cutie who is so close to walking.. a husband, friends, family and the good old quiet time I crave daily!


I hope you are all better than me a managing your ICT distractions 🙂


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