More to Teaching than Educating, its about building Relationships

After Cyclone Debbie made her grand entrance last Thursday my family and I went off on our quick trip to Woodgate, which is just 45mins south of Bundaberg on the East Coast of Qld.  We drove through heavy rain, but we were blessed with beautiful weather and were safe.


While away I had my laptop, textbooks, notes, assignment tasks and mobile phone to hotspot for the internet.  I was pretty cranky as my hotspot service was rubbish and it wouldn’t even let me login in the study desk.  I tried for abut 30 mins to make it work.  It just wasn’t happening.  It got me thinking, wow how did the students of days gone by (especially before internet) study?  I would have to be in a library surrounded by books an information.  I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t study, because I had no internet access. This train of thought lasted for about 10 minutes and then I saw my text book and I started to read and highlight the parts I deemed most important.


So…. after arriving back from our quick trip away, I log on to my laptop (thank you superfast NBN) and decide to blog before doing anything else.  I tried looking for an important scholarly article about how students worked before the internet, how internet connection is terribly slow and almost non existent in sleepy east coast towns.


Instead I found this inspirational talk from TED (again), talks from inspiring teachers.  There I a playlist of 10 talks. I only listened to the first one or else I wouldn’t be able to stop!  The first one is called * Every Kid needs a Champion*, it is uplifting, encouraging, and true.  Rita F. Pearson has over 40 years teaching experience and I think she is 100% on the mark when she says students don’t learn from teachers they don’t like 🙂


I hope you enjoy the talk as much as I did.  This one is short and sweet, it only goes for 7:48s. Enjoy 🙂

TED talks – Every Kid Needs A Champion


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  1. leah77blog says:

    I know your agony of limited to no internet connection. Luckily for you it was only momentary. We are yet to be linked with NBN, so instead, our internet usage is planned around my study requirements. I often spend the start of semester at the local McDonalds taking advantage of their free wifi. I think once we have become accustomed to something it is impossible to think of how we would cope without it. I know when I explain my childhood to my 9 year old son he looks at me in bewilderment, listening to how I spent my spare time playing outside and riding horses with no video games in sight. I remind him that the dinosaurs were no longer walking the earth so it was safe to go outside.


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