Our Jolly ole’ ICTs and Apps!

snakeingrass  Some of you may recognize this image, others may not.  If you have had a prep student in the last 4 years you should know what it is and what to do with it.  For everyone else allow me to enlighten you.  Follow the next link to the full song…which will teach you how to sing the letter S… and actions to go with it.

I am blessed to have  daughter in prep this year. A son in y7 and daughter in y5.  My eldest 2 did no use this type of learning for prep.   I have no idea what they did… but they managed to learn their letters without singing along to the jolly phonics songs.

About a week after her little homework book came home with pages glued in like the one above I knew I was in trouble.  All morning and afternoon ‘mummy can you help me do my letters’, um……. I need to get dinner on, I am hanging out washing, I am in the toilet, I am feeding your baby brother, I have a blog to write, I have a blog to reply to,  I have uni work to do, I have other work to do, I just don’t have time?

Of course I did the singing with her, but not as much as she wanted!  So… I thought surely there has to be an app for that.

Counting my lucky stars….. Jolly Phonics Songs on the App store for the bargain price of $5.99.  I didn’t even hesitate, I hit buy and didn’t look back.  It was the best app I have brought her.  She just grabs my phone and does her ‘homework’ and I can hear her, I can now sing along to all the tunes (my lucky family) and she loves doing it.  So it’s a win, thank you ICTs and the App store, a who ever invented Jolly Phonics!

In her class when its time to lean a new letter, the teacher plays the matching song, they do activities, practice writing, play games all for the introduction to the one letter.  I see this as using all of the RAT model.  Replacing, Amplification and Transforming…. 🙂




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  1. kimh601 says:

    I find music so helpful when it comes to learning and remembering things! Although until now I wouldn’t have thought to consider using it as a means of integrating ICT. Its like when a really annoying jingle gets stuck in your head from a TV ad, you cant help but remember it, even if you desperately don’t want to.


  2. melmca says:

    Oh happy days! Thanks for this post, Christy. I have just found out that I have Prep for my prac class coming up (first time with prep) and have been nervous about trying to find ways to integrate ICT when I’m in the classroom soon. This will be perfect!

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  3. melmca says:

    Hahaha just a sidenote. I have a little boy in Pre-prep who happened to be sitting beside me just now when I opened your YouTube clip. He recognised the tune and started singing along immediately! ….what the? I had no idea that he had started learning letters yet at his centre. Just goes to show that ICTs and teaching ARE everywhere! Thanks for opening my eyes to what my little man is learning Christy, who knows how long before that info would’ve filtered through to me. xx

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