Making learning Organic

I love a good TED talk, and I was lucky enough to find this one from Ken Robinson.  He speaks about ‘bringing on the learning revolution’.  Its only a short one, but filled with so many good points to think about as preservice educators.   click the link to listen to the talk… you won’t regret it


I can relate personally to the section where he speaks about making learning an organic process and the need for personalized curriculum.  Students today are blessed with IEP etc… yet sometimes this is not enough.  For the students who are not diagnosed, yet struggle with concepts and auditory learning there should always be another option.


I feel learning the RAT process and the Big three, we are fortunate to be exposed to ideas and processes that are going to assist us not only on prac but in our future classrooms.  My daughter is in a BYOD class in year 5, and my son is in year 7 with a MacBook air.  They are both learning through ICT tools, and they love .  Homework gets done without the normal arguments, extra activities get done as they are on the device.  They love showing me their work and the free time games and programs they have aren’t half bad also.


ICTs integrated into the classroom is the way of the future, and is here now.  We need to embrace the change and roll with it.


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  1. merissaupton says:

    Thank you for your post. I began reading it as a diversion from commencing my study for the day and I am so glad that I ‘diverted’. I love a good TED talk too and always find them inspiring and eye opening.

    I am off to write a post of my own now, feel free to read it, I will supply another link for a TED talk that I think you will enjoy also.

    My Blog is

    All the best


  2. Hi Merissa, thankyou for your post. I am actually already following you 🙂 I commented on your TED talk post 🙂


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