Blast from the past.

In early March my family of 6 travelled to the Beautiful Hunter Valley for my brothers wedding.  If you love your wine, cheese and chocolate the Hunter Valley is a must!  We also took a day trip to Tamworth.  My husband and I love our Country Music and being we were so close (approx. 3.5hrs drive away) we decided to go and see what it was all about!


We visited the obligatory Golden Guitar (which is massive!!, the kids loved it) and the wax museum of freaky looking stars from days gone by, and the Hall of fame.  Too which my surprise I found these beauties below 🙂 I wasn’t interested in reading the information about them due to the fact my 12yr son was more interested in ‘touching the buttons’ my 10yr daughter who has severe dust allergies is trying not to have an attack (I do believe they NEVER EVER EVER DUST!!) our 5yr daughter is plain old bored and playing jolly phonics on my husbands phone and our 11mth boy is just wanting to get down a crawl!


So since being home, I have researched and tried to find out exactly what these two devices are used for.  I have found this amazing site, that digs deep into the history of recording music and where it all started.


Can you imagine having this is our schools today?  In the corner of the music classroom, ok students lets cut a record! I look at contraptions like these below and feel so blessed that we have the digital technology that we do today!  How ‘lucky’ are the students of today that it is as easy as pressing record and stop, having immediate playback, and the option to delete if you don’t like what you hear or see?. They will never understand what it was like for us 90’s kids, or those who are a smidge older 🙂


Here is the link to the webpage that I found, has  a history of music recording devices and some photographs so you can see what they looked like.

For those of you who love your music like I do, I hope you appreciate it as much as I do!!




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  1. Hi Christy!!

    Tamworth has been on my do to list for a while!! Sounds like an awesome trip.

    I am a piano teacher, and just yesterday I recorded a student playing on my mobile so I could show her something that she was doing wrong. It was soooo easy and the results were instant.

    How difficult that would have been if I had to use equipment as pictured above.
    Many years ago (showing my age!!!), I remember recording myself playing on a little cassette recorder that I had to purchase. I remember it was expensive and very hard to come by, and now we get this technology free on our mobile phones. Not only can we listen to it, but watch it as well!

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  2. Hi, yes Tamworth is beautiful but next time we will be sure to go when the music festival is on!! Yes how amazing at mobile phones now? I remember when I was in yr 4 my youth group leader had a mobile phone and it was in a suitcase type bag/box with a huge battery and the phone had a cord connecting the handset to the battery… so it technically wasn’t very much of a ‘mobile’ phone!

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  3. That’s so cool!! That is the first mobile phone my father had as well!!!!! ☎📲


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