ICT & ME – Concept Map

I am so excited that I managed to upload my ICT & ME concept map.  I must admit I was a bit nervous and didn’t think it would work.  I couldn’t remember what I had saved it as, then I was unsure how to add a document to wordpress.  I am impressed with my own ICT skills here 🙂 I mean honestly…… it worked!


I really enjoyed working my way through creating this concept map, I found it challenging.  I had no idea how to make it all link together, and now that I look at it again from this perspective I can see my mistakes…..  The yellow boxes are wrong, iPhone and latop should be a light green like classroom, positive and negative!  Never mind… I am sure you canal see what I am trying to achieve.  Perhaps you had the same trouble?

Congrats to all students who managed to successfully upload a readable concept map.ictmindmap


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