List of distractions – life with the internet

My life with the internet consists honestly of the following-

University of Southern Queensland Study Desk







ITunes/ App store


Internet explore / Chrome / Firefox

I do not consider myself a digital dinosaur, but I feel I am well behind compared to others of the same age.  I have had the pleasure of owning my own Walkman, discman, ipod shuffle, JVC cam corder (which I found the other day… covered in dust), a cd player, an alarm clock, an iPhone, a television, a laptop, mini ipad.   and who knows what next?

I have 3 children of school age and they have had nothing but digital technologies in the classroom.  My 12 year old son taught me how to create a voki for the mathematics course.  I knew then that he was pretty amazing, and that it would take something pretty darn special for my ICT understanding to over take him.  I can safely say I have no chance in that happening.


I often give them a taste of my childhood, growing up in a home with one brick of a television that wasn’t even 30cm in screen length, and one desktop computer that only was good for pacman and space invaders, and the occasional castle spells spelling (when my cousin would bring the disk over).  We often have technology free time and spend the time playing board games, colouring or staring at the walls waiting for the paint to peel off.  Seriously…. I love my kids to pieces, but they need to learn how to be bored….. how to amuse them selves without digital technologies.  They need to be able to amuse themselves, without the screen.  My most favorite moment from my 12 year old son (to his credit it was about 18months ago) after I had placed a ban on the devices , he ever so seriously comes to me and says mum can I please google what to do outside.  I just looked at him and said give me that (the ipad) and get out…. Lol…


Have a read of this article that I found on Do you remember life before the internet?  It is written by social media week – .  I am pretty sure the kids of today need to have times where they can be unplugged and just be.  I love nothing better than turning off the family wifi… or just turning my mobile phone off just for the sake of having ‘quiet’even if it is only for 10 minutes 🙂



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  1. melmca says:

    I loved you entry, Christy, it was a breath of fresh air! I could really relate to your experiences growing up – it sounds like we may be of the same vintage?! It astounds me too how much my tween-age kids know about technology, they’re constantly rolling their eyes at me for being so clueless. Your comment about your son googling what to do outside – priceless! My tummy still hurts from laughter! Keep shining. Mel xx


    1. Hi Mel, I’m an 85’s baby! Yes… it still cracks me up his comment about using google! I must say I can not remember the last time I opened a dictionary or thesaurus … the internet is way faster and you don’t even have to get the spelling correct!

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  2. Christy,
    I am amused thoroughly by your 12 year old sons comment on using google to search for activities to do outside. I have grown up with technology around me but have been fortunate enough to have had a mother who also like you valued time without digital technologies. My mother would only allow us to use technology for a specific set time and as children we were told to use our imagination outside instead of complaining about being bored. I enjoy technology and agree with it’s importance in education in today’s society but am definitely all for outdoor and imaginative play for children. I use multiple apps on my iphone but as a 23 year old I feel that I am behind in the technologies used today. With trends moving so fast I find it difficult to keep up to date. Before this course I had no experience with blogging so I am very excited to be learning more.

    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on ICT.

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  3. Hi Sammy. yes it is had to find a balance for the kids. especially with the world they live in and everything is on a screen of some sort! yes I feel very behind with the times and apps on my phone and ipad…. I never know what is new and hip! I seem to chase my tail most days when looking an searching on the internet. Whoever invented google is an absolute legend 🙂


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