Images & Copyright

griswoldWell, who knew copyright could be so complex?  I have posted to many pictures over the years that I have ‘stolen’ from google, bing, yahoo, friends fb posts and never realized I was in the wrong.  I just assumed it was fine as they were able to be accessed.  I honestly am still a little unsure of what is allowed / legal / acceptable of the copyright laws.  So please feel free to correct me and steer me on the correct path to enhance my understanding of the copyright laws.


I have chosen this photography of Chevy Chase from the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  A family favorite of ours, and yes my mum still laughs at the same parts every time she watches it.  This particular image I assume is a screen shot of the movie. I found it via good old google images.   It says it is from  when I follow this link it tells me that the images is by TMN on December 5, 2013. I assume and hope that I am correct in saying that The company who created the movie is the copyright authority over this image?  I am not confident as I am still trying to wrap my head around the information.  However I am happy to receive feedback on my assumption.


Thank goodness for ICTs and distance education, I can not begin to imagine what it would be like to study without the access to the internet.  I would be lost, I wouldn’t be able to google meet such a diverse range of students studying the same subject as myself, learning about how copyright laws protect the owners of images.  I would be sitting in a library somewhere reading a textbook trying to figure out how to reference from a 50year old text 🙂


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