Wednesday 1 March 2017

Well.  Interesting.  I have managed to download the wordpress app to my iPhone, which by the way is so cool! I feel very tech savvy with my blog app right at my finger tips.  Whilst at the hair dresser today I sat and created and entry via the page tab.  Problem is, I can not locate the post on the page that I created.  Perhaps I should find out how to work the app before using it !

Week one focus questions-

1- What are ICT?  Information communication technology…. things that are digital that you can use as a tool for learning.  Such as all things from Apple, no not the fruit but iPhone, ipad, laptop, Apple watch.  Which I think is the caziest thing, who wants to strain their eyes that much to look at a tiny weenie screen?  It amazes me!


2- How do I learn new ICT? listening…. trial and error… clearly with my lost post on a page I created. I think we all learn ICT by opening our mind to new things, accepting progress.  For our own children and the children we will have in our classroom this is so important.  I know I do not want to be the boring old teacher who doesn’t understand ‘modern technology’, I want to be the awesome teacher who has all the cool gadgets and helps the students to learn them!

Until the next blog…. hopefully I can locate my lost page 😉


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