Distance ed via the net while not understanding how technology works

My first ever blog post and it has taken me about 10 mins to figure out how to do it.  Following instructions always has a plus side right?  I am excited to be studying again this semester after having a break due to baby number 4 greeting our family last April.  Being a wife, mother, uni student and many various other things has its ups and downs like anything!  I am time poor, in ever aspect of my life….. yet I seem to get busier and take on more things weekly!  I find it hard to say no….. another downfall.  I am excited to share this semester with fellow edc3100 bloggers and looking forward to finding out what we are actually meant to be blogging about 🙂

My name is Christy.  I am 31, I have four beautiful kids 12boy, 10girl, 5girl, 10month old boy.  I am currently in my 7th year of study (yes that is a long time… but that is what happens when you have babies during your degree!!) I am really nervous about this semester with prac and life being s busy!  I have 8 subjects to complete my degree yahoo.

I have always wanted to write a blog… never thought it would be about ICTs and pedagogy though smile

I have a love hate relationship with ICTs, I love music and facebook and emailing, though sometimes my devices don’t love me!  This song below I feel is exactly how I feel about my phone/ipad/laptop when they don’t want to co-operate with me smile

 (shake it off by Taylor Swift…..)

Looking forward to meeting with you all via our blogs and having a productive semester together



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